4 Netflix Hits That Agenda-Driven Corporate America Could Take a Cue from in 2021

We could all use more enterprise, creativity, and love in the new year, and a lot less pandering.

Gone are the days of value-centered marketing – in which you offered your product and customers could take it or leave it. Now you must bundle social consciousness with your product, and so companies came out in droves to virtue signal throughout 2020. But is advocacy as an extension of a brand really necessary? Do we want the companies that we buy from and work for to wear their politics on their sleeves?

In many respects 2020 was a debilitating year, but as we forge forward, would it be so bad for companies to simply do what they are supposed to do – sell us something of value – and stop using ad campaigns as soapboxes?

Companies taking it upon themselves to champion society’s general welfare can be disconcerting, since the private sector is already a powerful force and business executives lack the mandate to serve as ‘social guardians’ given that they are not elected officials. The practice is liable to backfire (as Gillette learned last year) and is, frankly, exhausting (since we hate ad campaigns to begin with).

Do we really want a hearty dose of social justice with every purchase made?

Perhaps businesses should take a cue from the shows and series we are streaming, since most are far from agenda-driven in their messaging and instead inspire in a more subtle and authentic way, as great stories always do. Whether it is a docuseries, a romcom, a mesmerizing miniseries, or even a show about a show (and an unsuspecting smash hit for that matter) – all have the same theme – how we as individuals are self-motivated and seekers of success… on our own terms, and how society benefits from that.

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