A machine learning device, meant to monitor the chronically ill, moves into homes

Awearable device that uses machine learning to remotely track and analyze multiple vital signs has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration, expanding the scope of home monitoring systems intended to keep chronically ill patients out of the hospital.

Current Health, based in Edinburgh, Scotland, announced Wednesday it received clearance for an upper-arm wearable that measures a patient’s respiration, pulse, oxygen saturation, temperature and mobility. The product is capable of delivering continual updates on a patient so doctors can intervene quickly if the data signal an emerging problem.

The device, called Current, is already used in hospitals, and the clearance means it can monitor patients at home, in between visits with their doctors. It uses machine learning to analyze the data it collects and notifies doctors of problematic changes on their mobile devices or in electronic health records.

“As health systems seek to shift more health care out of the hospital and into the community, they need some way of maintaining visibility on those patients at home, and that’s exactly what we’re giving them,” said Christopher McCann, Current Health’s chief executive.

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