As you return from the summer break, can you lead toward a COVID-Exit?

Here’s how to set your business on the right track for 2021 and beyond.

The summer break is over. Most of us remained at home on “staycations.” More daring people jumped into their cars for road trips or even took “masked” airplane flights. What do we find after our vacations? The coronavirus is still around. In many places, new COVID-19 infections are rising faster than they were before the summer break. Many people have been hit directly by this pandemic; some have lost friends or relatives, and many have had their livelihoods undermined. Most of us are starting to get tired—tired of the drawn-out pandemic, tired of the lack of interaction with colleagues and friends, tired of leading under pressure through the crisis.

Yet as 2021 approaches, the world is planning for the year ahead—and beyond. Since uncertainty remains high, decision makers face a real “leadership moment”:

-How, at this point, do you guide your company toward the future?

-What is the right way to think about 2021 and beyond—and what should you do to set your business on the right track?

-Should you continue to batten down the hatches, or are you providing clear leadership toward a future COVID-Exit?

A COVID-Exit? Can we really start thinking about that already? Should we? Do we know enough about the future to plan, or is there still too much uncertainty? We believe you should start thinking about the exit from the COVID-19 pandemic. Your company is at serious risk of missing the train if you don’t.

For now, this crisis is still very much about continuing to safeguard lives and livelihoods, but the world has come a long way since the terrible days of March and April. In fact, we consider it entirely possible that the current uncertainty could dissipate or even «collapse» in the next few months. If and when that happens, the mood will rise and economic momentum will accelerate. You’d better be ahead of the game if and when it does.

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