Corporations must help eradicate Covid-19 and facilitate social change

Businesses have the opportunity and the moral imperative to help solve social problems, starting with Covid-19, writes Paul Klein

Earlier this week, 30 chief executive officers of Canada’s largest corporations urged every leader in the country to immediately shift focus to the singular objective of slowing the pace of transmission of the coronavirus. By sharing four key actions, their companies have committed to and encouraging other organisations to do the same, they’ve reinforced the “new normal” for businesses today: helping to solve social problems.

Their action has reinforced a significant shift that was already underway. Corporate social responsibility has already become recognised for what it is: an exercise in feel good optics rather than a meaningful commitment to change that moves the needle on important issues. Solving social problems such as the current transmission of the coronavirus means taking action and that’s why the leadership shown by these Canadian CEOs is so important.

Beyond the important advice offered by Canada’s business leaders today, here’s how corporations can take action to help eradicate the transmission of the coronavirus and establish a more effective approach to social change in the future.

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