COVID-19: Visualizing the impact of an invisible threat

How do you depict a threat that’s invisible to the naked eye yet having devastating impact across the globe? Since early March, when COVID-19 began its global spread, McKinsey has published 350 articles, surveys, reports, and conversations on the impact of the pandemic, grouped under the themes of Resilience, Recovery, Return, Reimagination, and Reform.

Getting the ideas, the words, and the data right is difficult enough. Then there’s the challenge of visually engaging audiences—on this website, in an app, and across many email newsletters and on social media platforms—in ways that reflect the diversity of our topics while embodying larger themes.

And an additional complication: we typically don’t create our own visuals, although we carefully curate and adapt them to our own style and brand. Instead, we rely on outside image libraries. And much of what is in those libraries—often showing people interacting in office and outdoor settings—felt irrelevant to this new normal in which we all practice physical distancing.

Our editors highlight below some of our favorite images, and the choices behind those images, that brought to life our early articles on the continuing pandemic.

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