Deloitte: A snapshot of consumer media consumption

From streaming services to pay TV to gaming platforms to video games, Americans are “piecing together” their media and entertainment options to suit their needs. But consumers say they have to work hard to find their desired content—and pay for multiple subscriptions to have it their way. Will the costs start to outweigh the benefits?

Περισσότερα εδώ:Digital media trends survey, 13th edition

Digital media trends survey, 13th edition

Consumers have more digital media options than ever, and most are finding what they want. But many are becoming frustrated by the complexity and effort piecing together their entertainment experience requires.

AMERICAN CONSUMERS are “piecing together” their own media and entertainment experience from a growing variety of options, according to this year’s Digital media trendsurvey. While last year’s survey showed consumers had started to take control over their own entertainment experience, now they are moving further in this direction, selecting which services among pay TV, streaming video, music, and gaming options they find most valuable. But they often need to cobble together multiple services—from paid to free, ad-supported options—to watch all of their favorite programs. Still, few would trade their newfound freedom for the limited options of the past.

Περισσότερα εδώ: Digital media trends survey, 13th edition

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