How can we prepare students for the Fourth Industrial Revolution? 5 lessons from innovative schools around the world

-16 schools, systems and initiatives around the world are preparing the next generation for the changing world.

-The most innovative institutions are shaking up the traditional classroom approach.

-It’s important to provide students with the digital skills necessary for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

New schools and new views on teaching are springing up around the world to help prepare the next generation for a rapidly changing employment landscape.

This overhaul of teaching and education methods is much needed – and not only because of the breathtaking pace of change being ushered in by digital technologies, AI and data. It’s also necessary because current models of teaching and education are still firmly rooted in practices that have been around for 200 years or more.

In the new report Schools of the Future: Defining New Models of Education for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the World Economic Forum looked at how education needs to change. The report identified eight «critical characteristics in learning content and experiences» and highlighted 16 schools, systems and initiatives around the world that are leading the way.

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