How leading economists view antitrust in the digital economy

US and European experts discuss internet giants, and Google’s dominance of search and operating practices, writes Romesh Vaitilingam

In October, the US Department of Justice launched a federal antitrust lawsuit against Google, accusing the technology giant of abusing its dominance in the market for internet search. We invited both the US and European panels of the IGM Forum at the University of Chicago to express their views on some of the issues surrounding this case. We asked the experts whether they agreed or disagreed with the following three statements related to Google’s dominance of internet search, Google’s operating practices, and technology giants. In case they did agree, we asked them how strongly and with what degree of confidence.

Of our 43 US experts, 39 participated in this survey; of our 48 European experts, 41 participated – for a total of 80 expert reactions.

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