How Russia Plans to Get Turkey on Its Side

Moscow’s efforts appear to be paying off, as a 2017 poll showed that over 70 percent of Turkish citizens were favorable toward a political, economic and security alliance with Russia.

une has been a tough month for the board of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), the joint Turco-Russian megaproject and Turkey’s first nuclear reactor. On June 19, Russian authorities arrested on charges of espionage Karina Tsurkan, an energy executive at Moscow-based Inter RAO and former board member of Akkuyu.

Two days later, on June 21, a Turkish journalist using leaked documents from the same law firm that generated the Panama Papers, exposed a $15 million deal involving alleged conflicts of interests between Turkish construction tycoon Mehmet Cengiz and an offshore consulting firm based in the British Virgin Islands. The head of the consulting firm, Russian-Azeri Fuad Akhundov, was the former CEO of Akkuyu and a board member until February 2018. Cengiz was one of the bidders for an ownership stake in Akkuyu in a deal that fell apart last year.

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