Human Ingenuity Is the Key to Defeating the Coronavirus

The world will change after this pandemic, but human ingenuity can change it for the better. Trust in that.

Because the coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented black swan event, we’ve seen many mistakes and delayed responses that were more reactive than proactive. There will certainly be no shortage of lessons to be learned.

Despite these missteps, there are national efforts underway to “flatten the curve” and contain the spread of the virus, as well as significant signs of positive developments for treatments and even a potential vaccine. Human ingenuity is at work.

While it is easy to imagine a doomsday scenario, we cannot become oblivious to the many instances of people, companies, and entire industries showing they are ready to tackle the public health crisis. This crisis will undoubtedly spark an enduring debate about trust in our institutions—from the government to our scientific community. But that should not overshadow our trust in human ingenuity—our innate capacity to come together and solve big problems through entrepreneurship, innovation, and progress. As economist Julian Simon has pointed out, our ultimate resource is human ingenuity and this should be no different in the fight against the coronavirus.

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