Macron calls for EU financial solidarity to fight coronavirus

Economic support could come from common debt or bloc’s budget, French president says.

French President Emmanuel Macron has called for European solidarity in the coronavirus crisis, suggesting common debt or the EU budget could be used to help countries worst affected.

«I don’t want a selfish and divided Europe,» Macron said in an interview with three Italian newspapers.

«We will not overcome this crisis without strong European solidarity,» he told Corriere della Serra, La Stampa et La Repubblica. He also stressed that «France stands alongside Italy.»

His comments come after EU leaders clashed on Thursday over whether to create a common debt instrument — dubbed «corona bonds» — to help finance the response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Macron said that 10 eurozone countries representing 60 percent of the common currency area’s GDP backed the idea of coronabonds in Thursday’s videoconference. Other countries, including Germany and the Netherlands, have publicly opposed the concept.

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