Reimagining European restaurants for the next normal

To win in the next normal, European restaurants will need to embrace innovation in their channel strategy, menu offerings, and business model.

Six months into the COVID-19 crisis, European restaurants are reopening amid challenging conditions such as infection waves, mandated reductions in seating capacity, and consumer safety concerns.

One thing is certain—the market will not go back to how it was before the pandemic. Already, we’re seeing consumer preferences and behaviors change. Consumers are showing greater focus on value-for-money and more interest in restaurants that offer healthy food options. And while there was an increase in home-cooking during lockdown and in the desire to order food for delivery or pickup, we are now seeing fast-food sales picking up again. In Germany, for instance, where recovery has been relatively strong, 100 percent of restaurants are taking reservations for diners.1 As these changes continue evolving, restaurant owners are rightly asking, “How do I need to change to succeed going forward?”

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