Schools should start early on training the next generation of entrepreneurs

“When will I use this in real life?”

As schoolchildren return to the classroom, teachers will have to respond to a familiar question. They often have a good answer, but in a world where ways of working have changed dramatically over the past decade, and over the past several months, it’s a question policymakers should be asking too.

Take self-employment: many young people are seeking out the independence and flexibility of freelancing. In fact, the number of young people working for themselves has doubled since the turn of the millennium.

There’s been a cultural shift. Young people increasingly see entrepreneurship as a desirable path. More than half of 14-25 year olds have thought about starting a business.

Running your own business has many benefits, but also requires skills that are often, let’s face it, glossed over in school.

Likewise, technological advances such as the shift to remote work and the rise of online platforms, are disrupting old jobs and creating new ones. The challenge for educators is to develop a curriculum that is future-proof.

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