Stop Saying ‘Back To Normal’

Stop Saying “Back to Normal” is a great post in which Alistair Croll talks about surviving the post-Covid transition.

For large enterprises that may be thinking about things going back to the way they were, it’s a good kick in the bum.

Instead of wanting the past back, want the future sooner.

“Back to normal” is a dangerous nostalgia. Like a fire that liberates pinecones lying in wait on the forest floor, the Covid-19 crisis is both a great tragedy, and a chance for rebirth.

I am not a fan of glib Chicken-Soup-For-The-Entrepreneur’s-Soul platitudes. I try to avoid saying things that might wind up embroidered on pillows or emblazoned on a painting in an Airbnb (remember those?).

If you read on, I hope you’ll find a less breathless, and more rational, explanation for my optimism. It even has charts!

But pinecones are the metaphor I’m after, however cloying.

Since the talk I ran on virtual events last Friday, I’ve heard — via Twitter or email or LinkedIn — from dozens of people who attended the event. Many just wanted to share their reactions, but several organizations reached out to discuss things in more detail. I’ve had calls with governments, music festivals, major brands, and a couple of chats I can’t talk about. It’s been a busy few days, and the stories have been fascinating.

The one thread that’s come up in every conversation is how enthusiastic participants felt after the webinar last week, because it gave them a way to think about what we might create, instead of mourning what we have lost.

It made them, however briefly, want the future.

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