Stronger for longer: How top performers thrive through downturns

Resilient companies enjoy gains that last long after an economic crisis has passed.

In this episode of the Inside the Strategy Room podcast, two McKinsey partners share their insights on preparing organizations for macroeconomic crises. In their conversation with Strategy & Corporate Finance communications director Sean Brown, they also explain why the next downturn may be very different from earlier ones. (This is an edited transcript. For more conversations on the strategy issues that matter, subscribe to the series on iTunes or on Google Play.)

Podcast transcript
Sean Brown: Welcome to Inside the Strategy Room. In this episode we’re talking to two of our experts about their new research on corporate resilience and what differentiates companies that emerge from economic downturns stronger than they were going in. With me is Kevin Laczkowski, a senior partner in our Chicago office who leads our corporate strategy service work, and Mihir Mysore, who is a partner in our Houston office and a leader of our work in crisis response globally. Kevin and Mihir, welcome.

Kevin, let me start with you. Why has resilience become a topic of so much focus for clients these days?

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