#Tech2021 – Ideas for Digital Democracy

#Tech2021: A Tech Agenda for the Next Administration

«The breadth and coherence of #Tech2021—honest, expert-led, digestible, and action-oriented—is astounding. It pushes us to stop sleepwalking toward predictable outcomes and offers ideas that will light up conversation in the United States and among its allies and partners.» – Chris Schroeder, Co-Founder, Next Billion Ventures

«In today’s Fourth Industrial Revolution, technological change over the next 30 years will make the last 30 years look insignificant. […] The next administration must have a comprehensive technology agenda to spur innovation in the United States, leverage innovative technologies within government to better serve citizens, mitigate the challenges posed by technological disruption, and work with allies to ensure our democratic values drive development of these new tools…» – Congressman Will Hurd

Congressman Will Hurd and Chris Schroeder underscore in their forewords that the United States finds itself at a pivot point when it comes to innovation. New technologies will bring enormous new opportunity we must seize to address our existing challenges—and new disruption to which we must respond. Fortunately, good ideas abound for how to ensure these innovations improve lives, increase national security, and strengthen democratic values. #Tech2021 offers strategic, turnkey reforms from experts for how the U.S. government can leverage technology to ensure individuals and society thrive in the midst of rapid change. Despite the diversity of these briefs, some themes emerge:

  • Innovation is fundamentally a bottom-up phenomenon, so opportunity to participate must be broadly distributed.
  • As Schroeder observes, while many may wish for the government to simply “get out of the way,” governments and other institutions working from the top down are needed to spur physical infrastructure (especially broadband access), education and training, and smart rules of the road that unlock the technological potential of our society and economy.
  • Privacy protections and positive corrections to systemic inequities must be built in to ensure democratic values are protected and strengthened.
  • Innovation happens in a global context. Democratic allies should work together to ensure that new technologies support and strengthen democratic values.

The ideas offered up are varied and specific.

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