The Enterprise in 2020 — what 24 company builders had to say

What was the most significant or overlooked trend in enterprise technology in 2020? We asked our a16z enterprise team as well as a few of our founders and leaders in the industry…

Data and AI

Data becomes the new software. As AI replaces and supplements traditional programming in the enterprise, the rise of a data development toolchain as comprehensive as the software development toolchain is perhaps the most underrated and significant trend in enterprise. — Ben Horowitz (@bhorowitz), a16z cofounder and general partner

Better tools for AI/ML. Think wait time prediction, think personalization, think dynamic pricing. All of these require real-time answers while customers are using an app and provide huge business differentiation. Until recently, this use case was served by data teams building complex models in R and coming up with bespoke ways of serving that into production. We’re now seeing the emergence of new tools, such as MLFlow, and feature stores that turn operational AI/ML into a pattern served by the architecture around data lakes. — Martin Casado (@martin_casado), a16z general partner

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