This week marks turning point for capitalism

We told you Monday about the Business Roundtable’s new pledge of corporate obligations to customers, employers, suppliers and communities — not just shareholders, signed by 181 of the nation’s top CEOs.

David Ignatius, the WashPost foreign affairs columnist, calls this «the loudest reform call yet» from inside capitalism:

Business leaders seem to recognize the crisis: The system isn’t delivering. President Trump’s election reflects a populist rage that threatens America’s future prosperity and stability. … Corporate America fears the system is failing. …

The corporate panic about capitalism could be a turning point, opening the way for a future president to begin fixing the problems of stagnant wages and inequality that are at the core of America’s disarray.

Democratic presidential candidates have been strewing proposals for radical change across the campaign trail: Some are well-considered, but many are wildly impractical and doomed to fail.

America’s historical experience teaches us that economic reform succeeds when it goes mainstream, and that’s what’s happening now.


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