Transformation is personal

Organisational change is brought about one individual at a time, write Ricardo Viana Vargas, Tahirou Assane Oumarou and Emil Andersson

Transformation is personal. Always. Think about it. Organisational change is brought about one individual at a time. A change of behaviour or a change of outlook by one individual in an organisation is the cellular basis of achieving transformation.  Individual transformation of employees is (at least) as important as any organisational transformation. Without it, the chances of any transformation succeeding are low. Without it, the chances of an organisation continuing to evolve to respond to new changes are almost non-existent.

And yet if we look around at organisations time and time again we find lamentable levels of employee engagement and transformation programs which look good in a deck of slides, but which fail when they face the first hurdle of reality: convincing and motivating people to act.

First, engagement. The research into employee engagement is uniformly depressing. Research by Gallup for its State of the Global Workplace report concluded: “Worldwide, the percentage of adults who work full time for an employer and are engaged at work — they are highly involved in and enthusiastic about their work and workplace — is just 15 per cent. That low percentage of engaged employees is a barrier to creating high-performing cultures. It implies a stunning amount of wasted potential, given that business units in the top quartile of our global employee engagement database are 17 per cent more productive and 21 per cent more profitable than those in the bottom quartile.” It is worth repeating the key statistic: a mere 15 per cent of people engaged in their work.

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