Your organization is grieving—here’s how you can help

Look around and you’ll see grief everywhere—that stew of loss, longing, and other emotions we experience when something we value and feel connection to is gone. During the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has suffered losses—for some, it’s the loss of loved ones; for others, the loss of routines and the familiar, the missed family gatherings or coffee with friends, the canceled vacations and postponed weddings, even the loss of going into the office every day. The sources of loss, big and small, are radiating across our work and personal lives.

Harry Levinson, who, in the 1950s, applied psychoanalytic theory to the management of organizations, famously said that “all change is loss, and loss must be mourned.” But organizational leaders often fail to facilitate, or even allow for, the mourning process to unfold in their own leadership approach and their organizational cultures more broadly. The pandemic brings new opportunity, and urgency, to do so. Indeed, the prolonged levels of uncertainty and disruption will only add to the grief and anxiety that employees experience. None of us knows exactly what will and won’t be coming back in a postpandemic workplace, and therefore we don’t yet know what is gone for now and what is gone forever.

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