10 Questions About Trump, Big Tech, and Free Speech

Twitter permanently banned Trump. Facebook suspended his account for at least two weeks. Apple and Google pulled the Parler app from their app stores. Amazon booted Parler off AWS. Stripe stopped processing payments for the Trump campaign’s website.

These decisions, among others, have sparked a renewed debate over the power that Big Tech companies have in society, and whether we need to revisit Section 230, net neutrality, or the Fairness Doctrine. Currently, the public discussion is dominated by loud voices making extreme, and often incorrect, claims. In my opinion, these voices are only grappling with the surface-level issues related to tech platforms and speech, which I address in the first seven questions. The final three questions are much harder to answer and require thinking on the margin about what our society values and what tradeoffs we are willing to make. If we focus our time and attention on these latter questions, we can hope to make real progress over time.

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