2020 in 20+ posts from a16z

20+ popular posts of 2020 
It’s Time to Build by Marc Andreessen

On the past, present, and future of the enterprise, from product to sales

The New Business of AI (And How It’s Different From Traditional Software) by Martin Casado and Matt Bornstein

Emerging Architectures for Modern Data Infrastructures by Matt Bornstein, Martin Casado, and Jennifer Li

16 Questions for Selling in COVID-19 (and Beyond) by Martin Casado, Ben Horowitz, Peter Levine, Kristina Shen, and David Ulevitch

The “$20M to $500M” Question: Adding Top Down Sales by Sarah Wang and David George

On financial services everywhere (especially in a time of crisis!)

Fintech Scales Vertical SaaS by Kristina Shen, Kimberly Tan, Seema Amble, and Angela Strange

Every Company Will Be a Fintech Company by Angela Strange

The CFO in Crisis Mode: Modern Times Call For Modern Tools by Seema Amble and Angela Strange

The Promise of Payroll APIs by Anish Acharya, Seema Amble, and Rex Salisbury

Small Businesses Depend on the Stimulus Package. The Stimulus Will Depend on Fintech. by Alex Rampell

On gaming, communities, social, jobs and other marketplaces

Community Takes All: The Power of Social+ by D’Arcy Coolican

Shopatainment: Video Shopping as Entertainment by Connie Chan

The Digital Future of Tabletop Games by Jonathan Lai and Andrew Chen

1,000 True Fans? Try 100 by Li Jin

Edtech’s Answer to Remote Learning Burnout by Connie Chan and Anne Lee Skates

COVID-19 and the Great Rehiring by D’Arcy Coolican and Jeff Jordan

The a16z Marketplace 100 by Bennett Carroccio and Andrew Chen

On markets and macro systems

The Crypto Price-Innovation Cycle by Chris Dixon and Eddy Lazzarin

When Entry Multiples Don’t Matter by Alex Immerman and David George

In Defense of the IPO, and How to Improve It by Alex Rampell and Scott Kupor

Healthcare: The Great Unlock by Julie Yoo

Solving Baumol’s Cost Disease, in Healthcare by Vijay Pande

Bonus: Mindsets for navigating a new year (beyond resolutions) 

On Productivity, Scheduling, Reading Habits, Work, and More by Marc Andreessen with Sriram Krishnan

Designing a Culture of Reinvention with Reed Hastings and Ben Horowitz

Doing Old Things Better vs Doing Brand New Things by Chris Dixon

On Fear and Leadership — Product to Sales CTOs & CEOs with Armon Dadgar, Martin Casado, and Sonal Chokshi

Framework for Decision-Making in a Time of Change by Alex Rampell

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