24 Industries & Technologies That Will Shape The Post-Virus World

The Post-Covid World

In industries from healthcare to education to finance to manufacturing, quarantine is forcing companies to use technology to reimagine nearly every facet of their operations. As reopening begins in fits and starts, we analyze the industries poised to thrive in a post-Covid world.

As the Covid-19 pandemic has charted its unprecedented path around the world, it’s carried with it the question: What will Covid-19’s legacy be?

From healthcare to education to entertainment to manufacturing, technology innovators are stepping forward to help answer that question.

As NYU Stern School of Business professor and digital transformation researcher Arun Sundararajan notes:

“Crisis can be… a catalyst or can speed up changes that are on the way — it almost can serve as an accelerant.”

In the wake of the outbreak, everything from doctors appointments to schooling to workouts went online. As more people have worked, learned, banked, exercised, relaxed, and even sought medical care from home during Covid-19, they have gotten a crash course in just how much can be accomplished at home.

Given how far we’ve moved into digital spaces, it’s hard to imagine people will return fully to brick-and-mortar alternatives.

In some cases, the technological changes inspired by Covid-19 will come in the form of an acceleration of existing trends — for example, industrial automation and contactless payments. In other cases, like virtual reality, 3D printing, or telehealth, the crisis may change the course of the industry, enabling companies to demonstrate value that, until now, consumers have been unable or unwilling to see.

In this report, we’ll explore some of the trends created or accelerated by the onset of Covid-19 that are likely to change the way we live, work, learn, and relax long after the pandemic is over — and how the future of those innovations is likely to unfold.

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