34 Corporate Innovation Labs In Retail

Some of the biggest names in retail — from Walmart to Nike — are embracing innovation and forming new labs to seek out new opportunities to connect with consumers in a digital-dominated landscape.

The impending “death of retail” has been projected for decades. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, these calls have grown stronger as waves of major retailers declare bankruptcy.

But, in an increasingly digital world, brick-and-mortar retail shops are embracing new ways to disrupt the system and get an edge on customer attention.

One popular choice: retail innovation labs.

Retailers are looking to labs and accelerators to provide new ideas, partnerships, and collaborations on some of the most pressing challenges in the industry. From supply chain and inventory improvements to new payment options, these brands are going all in on digital — while attempting to keep costs in check.

We’ve assembled a list of innovation labs from some of the most recognizable names in retail looking to disrupt their industries.

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