5 surprising ways Formula 1 is changing the world

-Formula 1 systems are being used in settings including hospitals, supermarkets and factories.

-Applications range from patient safety to toothpaste production.

-Cross-sector collaboration is key to fuelling innovation.

-The F1 season concludes with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on 13 December.

-The perfect Formula 1 pit stop takes less than 2 seconds.

It’s an astonishing speed for a process that can involve more than 20 people, including tyre carriers, tyre changers, jack crew, car stabilizers and the ‘lollipop man’, who flags the driver in and out of the pit stop and oversees the whole process.

As the 17-race season speeds towards its conclusion with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on 13 December, what can the wider world learn from its meticulously choreographed team work and other solutions?

By collaborating with other industries and disciplines, Formula 1 systems and innovations are now in use in surprising ways. Here are just a few…

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