5 themes shaping the future of work

-70% of workers felt that COVID-related restrictions had led to the most stressful period in their career.

-Many people are reconsidering what really matters to them at work.

-Technology is enabling new work models.

When it comes to the world of work, COVID-19 has taught us an important lesson: that preparedness is everything.

In a new report, The Changing Nature of Work: 30 signals to consider for a sustainable future, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) examines how workplace developments are likely to influence the way we move forward as a society.

One key finding? That planning for disruption is critical, not only to enable a rapid response to external shocks, but to ensure that any necessary adaptation is inclusive of marginalized populations.

Here are five more things we’ve learned from the report.

1. The pandemic has highlighted the emphasis we need to put on wellbeing

Remote working has blurred the line between work and home life for many people; intensifying discussions around work-life balance and adding stress to daily life. This is particularly true for women, who have experienced higher levels of anxiety during the pandemic, according to a multinational survey by French international development organization Focus 2030.

In its COVID-19 Risks Outlook, published in May 2020, the World Economic Forum noted that up to 70% of workers felt that COVID-related restrictions had led to the most stressful period in their career. As a result, many of us are reconsidering what really matters to us at work.

Meanwhile, the pandemic has exacerbated existing social inequalities, making it harder for marginalized communities to access healthcare, education and work opportunities.

In May 2021, the World Health Assembly recommended that governments incorporate mental health support planning into preparedness for emergencies such as the pandemic.

The physical and mental health impacts of the pandemic should also be considered by employers when reimagining future work models, the UNDP report suggests.

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