5 Ways to Avoid a Sense of Privilege

Privilege is the ability of some people in society to take advantage of resources and opportunities that are not available to everyone else. And when this occurs within the framework of a team, it tends to splinter everyone into factions.

Last week, the Seattle Seahawks held a reunion of players from their 2013 Super Bowl-champion team.

It wasn’t formal with introductions and announcements but rather a gathering of old teammates to watch their former quarterback, Russell Wilson, who was now suiting up for the visiting Denver Broncos.

The NFL schedulers made this one of the big prime-time games of the first weekend, and Wilson’s former teammates assembled to show their support for the Seahawks.

After Seattle’s win, many shared cryptic posts on social media expressing their true feelings.

They suggested that during his time in Seattle, Wilson had become privileged, bigger than the team in some senses. He lost the connection with his teammates, and yet because of his great play, the Seahawks still catered to his every need.

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