5 ways to swim, not sink, as part of a “liquid workforce”

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” will always be a classic question for kids at family events. Whether “future you” turns out to be a teacher or a bus driver or an engineer, the expectation is that it will be only one role, as has always happened in history. Until now.

Technology is disrupting our lives. Netflix, Amazon, Uber et al have changed the way we consume entertainment, shop and move. As a result, our way of working is also changing. World Economic Forum predicts a displacement of 75 million jobs and the emergence of 133 million new ones by 2022. McKinsey informs us there will be a shift from manual, physical tasks to higher cognitive, social, emotional skills.

How can organizations and individuals get ready for a level of upheaval that is almost impossible to forecast in the medium term?

Testing the waters

One way is the concept of a “liquid workforce”. This means to organize and shape teams in such a way that they are able to rapidly adapt and change depending on the environment they find themselves in.

A highly adaptable and change-ready enterprise, enabled by technology, should have learning as a core competency, actively offering the skills in demand for projects using internal and external talent.

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