50 Emerging (Technology) Themes to watch out for in 2022

“The past is your lesson. The present is your gift. The future is your motivation.” – Author Unknown

This is the fourth year that I have curated smart soothsaying by others into a sort of list of lists. These lists started off as being technology-focused but as the years have passed, technology is infused more into our day to day than ever before. I also have a wider interest, so you’ll find some not so technological inclusions on this list. You can review the themes for 20212020 and 2019 and see how outlandish some predictions actually were while observing what the analysis foretold. And while small aberrations like a pandemic may render all of these predictions and trends useless, they at least give you a feel for what’s being considered, planned and thought of as a path for the future.

There is no change in approach to curation from previous years. I have read through multiple reports as part of my self-education and curated from smarter soothsayers than myself to put together a list of 50 themes. Many of the themes are technology-led or technology-driven but some are just interesting themes that surprised me a little in our tech-infused society. Again, this list is not intended to be the obvious business drivers of the year, but things to watch out for that could affect your work or your business. It’s also intended to form a basis for further reading.

Please read the full reports where relevant. I have sought to only provide small snippets of the theme or quote from the relevant expert. There are links to the full reports and articles and I’d urge you to deep dive on the ones that interest you. What I hope is that this list makes you ponder a little, makes you curious about the future, and perhaps moves you away from the status quo. And remember – predictions are just that – a forecast. They may be right, they may be wrong, but they are based on someone’s inclination that something might be happening. No smoke without fire, I say.

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