8 Laws Driving Success In Tech: Amazon’s 2-Pizza Rule, The 80/20 Principle, & More

What separates success from failure? These 8 laws contain some of the most influential ideas that the biggest tech companies use to run their operations, design business models, and build products.

Since the early days of computers, the rises and falls of tech companies have inspired countless theories about what drives success — and predicts failure — in the fast-moving world of startups. While many such theories fall flat, a few have become well-regarded descriptions of how the tech business works.

These tech “laws” describe why a given network’s value rises exponentially with the volume of participants (Metcalfe’s Law), why most marketing channels eventually produce diminishing returns (Law of Shitty Clickthroughs), or why starting with simple iterations leads to better long-term products (Gall’s Law).

Some, like Moore’s Law, have been extremely prescient. Others, like Conway’s Law, provide counterintuitive insights — such as why Apple’s corporate structure is key to its user experience.

In this report, we look at where 8 of the most famous tech laws come from, why they matter, and how they help describe some of tech’s biggest successes.

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