9 climate tipping points pushing Earth to the point of no return

-The world could be heading toward tipping points in the climate system.

-In an interconnected climate system, passing one tipping point may trigger a cascade of irreversible changes.

-As the world continues to warm, some call for urgent global action to avert an «existential threat to civilization.»

We may be about to pass – or may already have passed – tipping points in the Earth’s climate, according to a group of leading scientists.

The scientists analyzed evidence on these nine components of our climate system – called “tipping points” because they are under growing threat of abrupt and irreversible changes.

  1. Amazon rainforest
  2. Arctic sea ice
  3. Atlantic circulation
  4. Boreal forests
  5. Coral reefs
  6. Greenland ice sheet
  7. Permafrost
  8. West Antarctic ice sheet
  9. Part of East Antarctica

Passing one of these tipping points – from the collapse of the West Antarctic ice sheet to the loss of coral reefs and the Amazon rainforest – may increase the risk of crossing others, the scientists write in a commentary article in the journal Nature.

Ocean and atmospheric circulation and feedback between these interconnected climate shifts could accelerate the warming process, they warn, triggering a cascade of tipping points or even to a global tipping point – and a less habitable, “hothouse” Earth.

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