A Defense of Self-Testing and Supported Self-Isolation

In a recent CNN article, I proposed a new way of containing Covid-19. The strategy would be a self test and supported self isolation approach, but some are skeptical. Rapid antigen testing at home for Covid-19 on a daily basis increases the chances of stopping the virus from spreading. Many claim the plan is impractical and that antigen tests are ineffective. Antigen testing catches the infection when it is at its most contagious. Having the public self test and financially assisting the quarantined will stop the spread of Covid-19 and control this pandemic.

The strategy to defeat Covid-19 revolves around the free distribution of rapid, saliva based tests that are self administered at home. People are most contagious shortly after infection and before symptoms even appear, then slowly decrease in contagiousness over a ten day period. This is the period when testing and isolation is necessary. With regular at home testing, people can check themselves for the virus before symptoms occur. They can then isolate if they test positive, regardless of if they have symptoms.

It would require roughly one hundred million tests per day to rest the US population every three days. These tests could cost as little as fifty cents. Administering one hundred million tests daily at fifty cents each for one hundred days would cost roughly five billion dollars, or less than one percent of the annual military budget.

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