A Messiah Won’t Save Us

The messianic idea that permeates Western political thinking — that a person or technology will deliver us from the tribulations of the present — distracts us from the hard work that must be done to build a better world.

“When the Messianic idea appears as a living force in the world … it always occurs in the closest connection with apocalypticism,” Gershom Scholem observed in 1959. Scholem could state this with authority. The greatest modern scholar of messianism in Judaism, he was immersed in the study of ancient and medieval religious thought and of the messianic movements to which it gave rise.

But he had also lived through apocalyptic times — two of them, in fact. Born in Berlin in 1897, Scholem was part of a cohort of remarkable German intellectuals who lived through the crises of Europe in the 20th century — first the catastrophe of the Great War and then in the horrors of World War II and the Holocaust.

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