Agenda 2021: A Blueprint for U.S.-Europe-India Cooperation

In this edited series, experts from the United States, Europe, and India provide ideas that can move U.S.-India and Europe-India cooperation forward, setting the agenda for 2021. Focusing on five policy areas—foreign policy toward allies and partners, global trade and economic cooperation, critical technologies, security in the Indo-Pacific, and global health—they recommend areas which the Biden administration, the Modi government, and the EU should prioritize, assess the usefulness of new arrangements like D10, the Summit for Democracy, and technology alliances, and outline the roadblocks and challenges the United States, India and Europe will have to navigate this year.

This series is part of the India Trilateral Forum, conducted in partnership with the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Observer Research Foundation, and is edited by Garima Mohan (GMF) and Dhruva Jaishankar (ORF).

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