Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Demos

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has an increasing say in the range of opportunities we are offered in life. Artificial neural networks might be used in deciding whether you will get a loan, an apartment, or your next job based on datasets collected from around the globe. Generative adversarial networks (GANs) are used to produce real-looking but fake content online that can affect our political opinion-formation and election freedom. In some cases, our only contact for a service provider is an AI system, which is used to collect and analyze the content of customer input and to provide solutions with natural language processing.

In the context of Western democracies, threats and issues related to these tools are frequently viewed as problematic. On the one hand, AI technologies  are shown to help include more people in collective decision-making and potentially decrease the cognitive bias occurring when humans make decisions, leading to fairer outcomes.On the other hand, studies indicate that certain AI technologies can lead to biased decisions and decrease the level of human autonomy in a way that threatens our fundamental human rights.

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