Before You Make Econ. Policy, Apply the “Dancing Chicken” Rule to Yourself

In the real world, businesses don’t have the option to print money. Hard choices are made, creative solutions inevitably lead to innovation and greater efficiency. Having a meat cleaver about to descend on one’s testicles provides plenty of motivation for change. It also builds character.  I’m a better person for the tough scrapes I have been in. Besides, being a eunuch is not very appealing

On my son’s first day of school, the teacher asked the class what their fathers did for a living. My son answered, “My Dad is a dancing chicken.” I was an awesome dancing chicken.  I was a serial entrepreneur and owned 14 “chicken and biscuit” fast food stores. I was spending tens of thousands in monthly advertising and was not happy with the results. Why not don a feathery 7 foot chicken suit and dance the fool in front of traffic? I even laid down in front of traffic once, forcing cars to go through our driveway or run over me. A self- employed businessman wears many hats.  He’s a leader, a manager, a day laborer, a human resource director, a lawyer, an accountant, a financier, an advertising guru and yes, sometimes a dancing chicken. In business, if something is not working, you adapt and change and find something that does work, aka The Dancing Chicken Rule. My experiment worked, and I soon had 14 dancing chickens saving me $25,000/month in advertising costs. My sales jumped 24%.

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