Billboards That Disinfect Your Phone: This Agency Found a Direct Path to Building Brand Trust

In some respects, marketers are used to the 2020 consumer mindset by now: Trust is more important than ever and people want brands to help them get through the pandemic.

Most marketers are meeting those needs with “we’re here for you” messaging across TV and social. But Nordic health company Terveystalo is taking matters into its own germ-free hands.

  • Agency TBWA/Helsinki designed Terveystalo billboards that disinfect your phone for you.
  • Open a small hatch on the billboard, plop your phone inside, and then wait 15 seconds for Terveystalo to clean your phone with UVC light.

Cutting out the middleman: Terveystalo’s latest project attempts to prove to passersby that the brand actually cares about your health right now. “Not only do we cure diseases but concentrate on preventing them,” Veera Siivonen, marketing and communications director at Terveystalo, told Ad Age.

My takeaway: In a world where 85% of global consumers want brands to solve their problems and 80% want brands to solve society’s problems, per Edelman’s spring 2020 brand trust report, it shouldn’t be so surprising to see brands literally become part of the solution.


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