Can you be successful (while being lazy)?

Being a beginner surfer, really sucks. Not because of the low wave count. Not because I had to awkwardly carry around one of those gigantic “Costco Boards.” And definitely not because I looked more like a doggy-paddling toddler than a shredding (and shredded) Kelly Slater.

Nope. The worst part was the lactic acid. The non-stop paddling to catch a wave. Then some more paddling to get back out. Then even more paddling to fight a current or rip tide. For an entire year, my rotator cuffs would be on fire from this non-stop paddling.

Then one day, I learned about the Cork Effect. This took me another year to grok. But when once I figured it out, it was an absolute game-changer.

My wave count exploded. I ditched the rainbow foam board. I reclaimed my shoulders. The stoke factor went through the roof.

The Cork Effect is magical. It harnesses Bernouilli’s principle, timing and anticipation to cut the effort by 90%, while quintupling the number of waves caught.

Minimize effort. Maximize stoke. I can dig that.

Yup, I was rewarded for surfing more strategically. And for being lazy.

Now let’s jump out of the ocean and onto the soccer pitch.

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