Debunking seven common myths about cloud

Common misconceptions about cloud are holding companies back from capturing the full benefits available.

The need for superior speed and agility continues to push companies toward cloud adoption. But while historic predictions anticipated that upwards of 16 percent of enterprise workloads would be in cloud—infrastructure as a service (IaaS)—by 2019, there is a clear lag in 2019’s actual figure, which is half as large, at less than 9 percent.1

For the most part, this delay in cloud adoption does not stem from a lack of ambition. Many company leaders have encountered major roadblocks along their path toward cloud or have gotten cold feet once they questioned its impact on costs, security, latency, and more.

Conversations with hundreds of CEOs and CIOs have revealed a consistent set of myths that lead to these roadblocks and questions, hampering progress and adoption. Companies that have effectively counteracted these myths are the ones that have derived the greatest rewards from their move to cloud.

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