Drought threatens 60% of EU and U.K. as Europe faces “critical situation”

Drought conditions are affecting about 60% of the EU and the U.K., exacerbated by climate-change-driven record heat across Europe this summer, Andrew and Axios’ Rebecca Falconer write.

Threat level: The summer’s fourth major heat wave will send temperatures above 100°F in Spain, Portugal and parts of France through the end of the week, with amber warnings for extreme heat in effect through Sunday for southeastern England.

  • London is forecast to see temperatures of 90°F (33°C) or above for four straight days starting Thursday.
  • The extreme heat will worsen the drought by drying out soils further, and extremely high wildfire danger is also present from the UK to Portugal.
  • Countries including France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands are facing water shortagesand riverbeds are drying out across Europe.
  • Dry conditions are severely affecting energy production, agriculture and river transportation.

Context: Climate change raised the odds of and increased the severity of the previous European heat wave, and is likely a key driver of this event as well. This heat event will eventually affect most of Western Europe and Scandinavia.

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