Education In The Post-Covid World: 6 Ways Tech Could Transform How We Teach And Learn

The Post-Covid World

As schools reopen, teachers and administrators alike are looking at ways to redesign the education experience amid Covid-19. We dive into what the tech-enabled education of the future could look like.

Earlier this year, mandatory shutdowns shuttered schools and pushed most of the world into emergency remote learning situations. Schools turned to video conferencing tools, online learning management software, and other digital solutions to keep education ongoing.

Those emergency remote teaching experiences highlighted the barriers to digital learning adoption and tech-enabled education across systems worldwide.

Many students don’t have access to the devices they need or sufficient WiFi to log on. Even those who do still found the experience of remote learning and teaching woefully inadequate.

Surveys suggest nearly half of parents are dissatisfied with how their children have performed academically during the pandemic, while 70% of teachers feel students haven’t adapted well to remote learning.

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