Europe faces «stronger and deadlier» wave

The coronavirus is still winning: Now even Germany is entering another national lockdown, joined by France.

Why it matters: France has been «overpowered by a second wave,” President Emmanuel Macron said in a nationally televised address today, reports Axios” Oriana Gonzalez.

  • Macron said the «new wave will be stronger and deadlier» than the first.

The big picture: Hospitalizations are spiking in Europe, just like in the U.S.

  • German hospitalizations have doubledin the last 10 days, Chancellor Angela Merkel said today.
  • Dutch hospitals «have reached their limits» and they’re sending patients to Germany, Reuters reports.
  • Russia says hospital beds are at 90% of capacityin 16 of its regions.

Between the lines: Europe’s second lockdown will look a lot different.

  • Schools and child care will stay open.
  • It won’t be as hard to visitassisted living facilities or go to funerals.
  • Germany’s lockdown will end by Dec. 1.
  • France’s runs through at least Dec. 1,but also requires daily infections to fall below 5,000.
  • There have been over 36,000 new casesin France in the last 24 hours.

The countries are also propping up affected sectors.

  • The German government will provide 75% compensation to small and midsize businesses hurt by the closures.

The bottom line: “Within weeks, we will reach the limits of our health system,” Merkel said today.

  • “It is completely clear that we must act, and act now, to prevent a national health crisis.”


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