Everything you need to know about the new US-UK Atlantic Charter

The world has a new Atlantic Charter

Atlantic Charter, the remix

It’s throwback Thursday for diplomacy. US President Joe Biden and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed a new Atlantic Charter today—a statement of principles to guide their collaboration on everything from enhancing cybersecurity to promoting democracy. The charter, coming at the start of Biden’s first overseas trip as president, represents an effort to reinvigorate the “special relationship” between the two nations amid a slew of global challenges. But what new forms of cooperation will it unleash among democracies more broadly? And what will it mean for the emerging struggle between democracies and autocracies? We checked in with our experts, who in April urged Biden to adopt a new Atlantic Charter based on an Atlantic Council task force’s “Declaration of Principles” that was endorsed by Jake Sullivan, Tony Blinken, and Laura Rosenberger, all now top officials in the Biden administration.

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