Exclusive: Happiness at work is a right, not a privilege, Indeed survey finds

The latest job numbers prove that opportunities are plentiful and companies are fighting to attract and retain talent.

  • One way to do that is by prioritizing employee wellbeing.

Driving the news: Axios got a sneak peek at the new Indeed x Forrester workplace survey — out Aug. 17 — and found that 67% believe wellbeing at work is a right, not a privilege.

Between the lines: The driving force behind employee wellbeing is purpose, the study finds.

  • Employees want to feel energized by work tasks and need to understand how their contributions are part of the larger strategy.

By the numbers: This can impact self-confidence, self-esteem, quality of life and personal relationships.

  • 86% say that their happiness at work directly impacts their mood at home and 61% believe that in 10 years, workers will not work for companies that don’t prioritize happiness and wellbeing.

 Our thought bubble: We can cultivate a sense of belonging by explaining how roles, projects and initiatives fit into the larger strategy as the common thread in all internal communications.

-CEOs leverage LinkedIn for layoff announcements

At the moment, HyperSocial appears to be a pretty sad workplace.

Driving the news: CEO Braden Wallake went viral on Tuesday for posting a crying selfie on LinkedIn after laying off two employees.

State of play: Some have praised him for being vulnerable, while others view the post as self-promotional and tone deaf.

  • Following the backlash, Wallake doubled down by encouraging people looking for work to comment on his new post — which will only make it go more viral — with their resumes, desired job titles and qualifications.
  • Wallake’s marketing company specializes in services like “optimizing LinkedIn posts,” which creates an added layer of ick that could hurt brand reputation and become a PR headache.

Yes, but: Wallake isn’t the only CEO to announce layoffs on LinkedIn.

  • Klarna CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski caught flack for posting a listof terminated employees on his public social media pages, encouraging recruiters to scout talent from the “goldmine” document.
  • Vimeo CEO Anjali Sud also tried to find placements for her laid-off employees and encouraged herLinkedIn network to reach out if they were hiring.
  • “We’ve seen an increase in executives and other business leaders leaning more into LinkedIn as a platform to talk directly to the world,” Andrei Santalo, LinkedIn’s head of community management, told Axios. “And they’re being more transparent than ever on their take on business trends, sensitive company news, and their own advice on leading.”

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