Explain crypto like I’m five-years-old

A few months ago, I mentioned to one of my kids that I was interviewing someone and talking about crypto. “What’s crypto?” the kid asked. My reply, although I had done the interview and it was explained to me, was… well… a bit confusing. The kid had follow-up questions and I stumbled through, quickly realizing that while I understood the concept, I didn’t really know what I was talking about.

Sound familiar? For us non-experts, cryptocurrency in all its foreign-slang-techy glory is hard. I’m a fairly tactile person–my left brain handles the words, but my right brain loves something I can see and hold. I mean, I can’t even do grocery pickup because I have a hard time letting someone else pick out my stuff. I want to see all my options–I want to peruse the store, pick my apples, check my own avocados for ripeness, and select the crustiest, most delicious-looking loaf of sourdough. I really like tangible things, so sue me.

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