Five Advancements Powering the Future of Content Creation

You’ve heard about the streaming warsthe cloud gaming/console wars, the rise of the creator economy. Behind all of these multi billion dollar markets vying for the consumer’s time and money, content plays a key role. Quality content makes users join, buy, and stay subscribed.

But quality content is not easy to make or scale. There’s the hits and blockbusters and then a very long tail of niche content looking for an audience. New technology developments in AI and graphic engines are changing that paradigm.

What if anyone with an idea could produce high quality content at scale? What if the burden of distribution was removed by clever recommendation engines as we’ve seen with TikTok?

For the first time, a few pieces of the puzzle are coming together to make high quality content easily created, distributed, consumed and monetised.

  1. Infrastructure – 4G is strong enough to serve streaming content and play video games in the cloud, but 5G will play a role in increasing content consumption, particularly video, AR/VR, volumetric video etc.
  2. Technology – Advancements in chips/GPUs enable making content that previously took hours, in second. Relatively new AI projects like GPT-3 or Gans are becoming more widely available, building upon years of research in NLP and computer vision.
  3. Connectivity – The number of smartphone users worldwide today surpasses three billion  and is expected to grow by hundreds of millions in 2021. We have access and consume more content than ever before in history.

With that backdrop, these five technologies are creating huge opportunities in content creation:

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