Generative Tech Begins

Today, we want to point you toward some of the fastest moving water we’ve seen in decades: Generative Tech.

Steve Jobs said in 1980 that the Apple personal computer was a bicycle for the human mind.

You might say that Generative Tech is a rocketship for the human mind.

Historically, software has worked for us. It has taken our ideas and allowed us to write them, code them, draw them, create them. With Generative Tech, software will work with us.

Some have called it “Generative AI,” but AI is only half of the equation. AI models are the enabling base layers of the stack. The top layers will be 1000’s of applications. Generative Tech is about what will actually touch us – what you can do with AI as a partner. This is a new level of human-machine partnership.

And we believe it’s going to happen (even) faster than most people think. Typically, major tech shifts roll out slowly. Many people were still skeptical of the Internet until 2003, so those of us who believed had less competition. SaaS was gaining consensus from 1997 to 2005. Apple didn’t open their iOS platform to outside developers for 18 months after launch. Web3 has been rolling out for 10 years.

But everyone is on board already with Generative Tech. The VCs get it. The Founders get it. The incumbents get it. The game is now on.

Where we are today is just an on ramp. It’s now possible that most of our software and human-computer interfaces will be significantly augmented in the next 5 years, after 14 years of near stasis.

That opens up exciting seams of opportunity for Founders.

Here’s what you need to know: Generative Tech Begins

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