Get in on the 5G Service Utility Market

A $664.75 billion industry in the making

Broad Opportunity

As we dive into the realm of connected smart grids, energy management will become more efficient, by reducing electricity peaks and the cost of energy overall.

Today we’ll talk about 5 G, which is as much as 100 times faster than existing 4G networks. We’re not talking about an upgrade to your phone service. This is a step forward, that will open up opportunities for service—peripherals, where 5 G provides the central scaffold.

A $664.75 billion industry in the making

Did you know that the 5 G services market has the potential to grow at a 46.2%% CAGR? It’s expected to be worth a whopping $664.75 billion industry by 2028. Wow!

A full HD movie could be downloaded in about 10 seconds—10 minutes on a traditional 4G network. Latency or delay is also much less, about 1 millisecond vs 40-50 milliseconds on 4G networks. It’s geek talk but, its impact will be significant. Other benefits of 5 G are greater capacity, reliability, flexibility, high density, and improved battery life. Verizon authored a whitepaper, Demystifying Unique 5G Public Safety Use Cases.

Innovative solutions in this space are leading to solutions to production, transmission, distribution, and usage.

Battery life is an issue, where “energy management solutions, will yield years of extended battery life. What about drones? They’re here to stay—monitoring and maintenance of transmission for production assets can improve the uptime of the grid.  Solutions like this generate massive cost reductions.

Where implementing IoT technology in our smart fabrics at Care Remote to monitor friction zones over the feet but, other applications could be agriculture, to optimize crop communication, water management, or livestock safety monitoring. Were still in the initial stages of smart farming as 5G rolls out across the nation. Secure a contract with a larger firm and focus on fulfillment

Tourism will explode due to pinned-up demand. 5G will enhance smart tourism helping more tourists experience new destinations with fully immersive experiences, See Issue #4 on VR and Travel.

Travelers are fed up, they’re looking for options and destinations to feel like they are in control. What I like about this opportunity is the idea of being a utility, that is only poised for growth.


credit photo: Marc Sendra Martorell

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