Get Ready, NATO: The Russian Navy Is Preparing For War In The Black Sea

Practice makes perfect, and that is certainly true for military professionals around the world. The Russian Navy, which is currently undergoing a major modernization effort, has been engaged in “practice” via training missions. Multiple flotillas have taken part in drills and exercises around the world in recent weeks. That included missile and artillery firings in the Pacific against a notional enemy’s air attack and sea targets, while the Russian Mediterranean task force conducted maneuvers that included multiple MiG-31K fighters sorting against a hypothetical warship. According to reports, the aircraft is capable of deploying Kinzhal hypersonic missiles.

This week, the Russian Navy’s exercises have been a little closer to home. The crew of the Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet’s submarine Kolpino carried out comprehensive drills in its submerged position off the Crimea in response to the presence of NATO warships in the neutral waters.

“In the course of the integrated exercise, the submariners practiced the algorithms of operations to exercise control of the submarine upon its surfacing and submergence in the routine and emergency modes and diving to various depths with a maximum depth of over 200 meters,” the Black Sea Fleet’s press office said in a statement to Tass.

According to the statement, the submarine’s crew held an exercise for ship damage control, in which the seamen practiced measures at the seabed to eliminate a leak and prepare for the evacuation through a torpedo tube.

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