Good riddance to those old ways of working

Covid-19 has forced through big changes in how organisations and the people in them operate, paving the way for a more human future

Gary Hamel hates red tape. Students on his Executive Education courses at London Business School have often heard the management guru argue passionately that organisations should ditch bureaucracy to boost productivity and nurture creativity. In Hamel’s opinion, far too few do.

Then, this year, coronavirus hit. The world was turned upside down and leaders were forced to cast aside established rules, processes and practices to allow employees to keep operations running through the pandemic.

Hamel says: “One Italian healthcare leader was quoted saying the virus moves faster than bureaucracy. But everything moves faster than bureaucracy! People were quick to move. I’ve talked to many CEOs and leaders in recent weeks about how Covid-19 is affecting them. What they say without exception is they’ve been impressed by the speed at which their teams, in the absence of clear direction, have tried new things, linked up in learning networks to share what’s working and generally taken quite extraordinary measures to keep serving customers and keep one another safe.”

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